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    No suppression. No costly SEO. No long drawn campaigns. No tiring lawsuits.
    The only solution we deliver, is removal.

    What we do

    The ability to mitigate disinformation is key to a clear and consistent brand message. Your reputation is your most powerful marketing asset. BitReputation serve as a rapid-response removal &mitigation service to move in on brand protection threats and shut them down.

    BitReputation has designed a seamless process to remove negative media, reviews, defamatory complaints, and slander from the internet. Imprints of disinformation can thwart any project, campaign, or brand strategy.

    How it works

    • You contact us with the case details, including negative links and content you want us to remove

    • We analyze the case for feasibility and provide you a proposal, with pricing and timeframe commitment

    • Once you approve the proposal and give us the go-ahead, our experts process the removal

    • You are notified of the results which you can verify at your end. You then pay us for services rendered.

    Our Methods

    Working directly with Search Engines

    Working with Defamation Lawfirms

    Utilizing Global Liaison Partners

    Working with Data Centers & WebHosts

    Working with Brand Protection Experts

    Working with Cyber Intelligence Experts

    Our Guarantee

    Removal is permanent, and it is extremely rare for it to re-appear; if for any reason it does come back, the original agreement still applies and we will work to remove it again.

    Please note that some websites will temporarily remove the content while they evaluate whether to permanently remove it. This does not count as a “successful removal”, we will inform you of these situations when they occur.

    • You never pay a penny in advance. You do NOT pay anything until and unless we deliver the desired results

    • You are notified of the results which you can verify at your end. You then pay us for services rendered

    • You are notified of the results which you can verify at your end. You then pay us for services rendered

    The Result

    We completely and permanently remove your unwanted content from the site that it is on. In some cases, this is not possible due to the nature of the content or the publisher – for example,major news publications are notoriously resistant to taking a journalist’s work taken down.

    If we are unable to physically remove the offending content,we will proceed to completely purge it from Google Search results. Our first priority is always to physically remove the content.

    • We execute permanent removal from source
    • Alternatively, we permanently remove from Google
    • Eventually, you will see a 404 error on the negative link
    • No suppression of the negative link on Search Engines
    • No SEO service to promote positive content.
    • No long term retainers or commitments

    Do you believe removals are impossible?

    With an experience of over 50k links removed, we got you covered

    Remove Negative Content


    We don’t do SEO. We don’t suppress. No long-drawn campaigns. No lawsuits. The only solution we deliver is removal.

    What is it

    If you or your business attracts a lot of envy from your competitors, or disgruntled consumers on a regular basis, this is the solution you need. We couple of Strategic Removal with a real-time Detect and Delete program.

    In other words, instead of a 1-time removal, we continue monitoring negative content published against you, and work continuesly to actively remove them. In most cases,we delete the negative content even before it starts getting views that may damage your reputation.

    • SHIELD by BitReputation prevents negative reviews from being published against you on over 100 review sites.

    • Upon detection, our experts attempt to remove the negative content even before it starts ranking on Google.

    • Our experts work on processing removals of all existing negative content, whenever an opportunity arises.

    • The system sends alert whenever anything negative gets published against your organisation.

    Key Features

    Unlike Strategic Removal, which is essentially a 1-time removal case,we utilize long-term strategies. Not only are we able to remove stubborn links which requires a lot of patience and perseverence, in some case we outright prevent negative content from being published on hundreds of websites, preventing considerable damage to your brand and reputation.

    As they say — Prevention better than a cure!

    • Long term strategy to remove stubborn negative content

    • Monthly report detailing steps taken to mitigate and remove content

    • Monthly data on potential negative content prevented from being published

    • Month-to-month contract. You don’t commit unless you are satisfied

    How it works

    • System scans over 120,000 websites every day for new negative content against you.

    • System alerts one of our experts with detailed report and sentiment analysis

    • BitReputation gets into action and removes the content before anybody else can find it online

    • You receive monthly report on all negative links detected and successfully removed

    Plans & Pricing

    Personal Shield

    $ 500 / month
    • Active protection on 40 websites
    • Scans for negative content every 7 days
    • Up to 2 keyword combinations included
    • Image protection included
    • Privacy protection enabled
    • Active removal of existing links

    Business Shield

    $ 1500 / month
    • Active protection on 100 websites
    • Scans for negative content every 24 hours
    • Up to 4 keyword combinations included
    • Image protection included
    • Privacy protection enabled
    • Active removal of existing links

    Case Studies

    Brand Character Assassination

    After 10 years of steady growth, this financial firm found itself against an impossible enemy. A disgruntled ex-employee made it a mission to spread fake news with an agenda.

    Timeframe: 2 weeks

    Competitor-Run Defamation

    Cloaked behind anonymous platforms and fake user IDs was an onslaught of internet attacks and defamation, seemingly coming from current and past customers.

    Timeframe: 12 weeks

    We detect and delete negative content

    Even before your potential clientsget the chance to see it

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    Why us

    Because of our single solution approach. You don’t pay us until we deliver the desired results.
    And we do deliver!

    We have been doing this for a long, long time.

    Even before Rep Management was an industry, we were operational. We helped in setting industry guidelines and technologies and provided white-label services to some of the top PR agencies and Law Firms around the globe.

    We don't take No for an answer

    They say – The Internet Never Forgets. Well, it does.

    78% of all content online is generated by bots, not humans. 89% of all current websites, will eventually disappear within 10 years.


    I've heard these promises many times

    Maybe, but not from us. How about if we remove it first, and then ask you to send us a check? What if we give you a lifetime guarantee on all removals?

    Honestly, what have you got to lose? Try us. Just once…


    On how to tackle online defamation and purge content from the internet.
    See our techniques, technology and the related laws.

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    How to ruin your reputation with a YouTube video

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    Why does Google want to define borders for the Right to be Forgotten?

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    About Us

    Instead of suppression. We don’t do SEO. No long-drawn campaigns.
    The only solution we deliver is removal.

    Our Capabilities


    Cyber Intel



    I.P Protection


    Who we are

    Our committed team of over twenty cyber intelligent experts was assembled from experts in technical, legal, and strategic fields all over the world. The internet traverses all borders and so our services and talent pool do too.

    From cyber-security and ethical hacking, reputation management to libel law, every member of our team offers us another way to get the job done.

    If it’s effective, legal, and responsible we use it to generate results. We offer support and insight into possible online threats to your brand or organisation, as well as providing a line of defense against online defamation and character assassination.

    • 50,000+
      Removals Processed

    • 1500+
      Clients Served

    • 250+
      Active Shield

    What we do

    We take what we do very seriously indeed, but unfortunately some single-approach reputation management companies give our industry a bad name.

    You won’t find lumbering, expensive SEO dressed up as a single magic bullet, or demands for outrageous retainers and hidden costs here.

    • Remove Unwanted Google Results
    • Remove News Articles
    • Remove Photos and Videos
    • Remove Consumer Complaints
    • Remove Fake Reviews
    • Remove Legal Documents
    • Remove Revenge Porn
    • Remove Online Defamation
    • Investigate & Identify Stalker
    • Detect & Delete Negative Links
    • Remove Defaming Blogs
    • Remove Social Media Posts

    What we don't

    The full process depends on the nature of the content itself, and where it is posted. Most cases will involve us creating, submitting, and managing a detailed application for the removal of the offending content by the publishing website.

    We liaise with most of these sites on a daily basis, and it is our experience from analyzing thousands of these applications that we have determined which process is likely to be successful for each type of content

    • Don't offer SEO Campaigns
    • Don't offer 'Suppressions'
    • Don't contact the webmasters
    • Don't offer 'bribe' or 'incentives'
    • Don't contact the 'reviewer'
    • Don't promote 'Advocacy' packs
    • Don't offer 'Hacking' services
    • Don't promote 'Arbitration' packs
    • Don’t deliver ‘Spammy' SEO

    Ethics & Principles

    At BitReputation, a client’s name on the internet is treated with the urgency and diligence as any emergency would require. We codify our relation with the client into 4 distinct pillars:





    Real promises, real results

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