Protect your
online reputation

Reputation protection requires perseverance.

We isolate and eradicate threats before they spread

    Build a shield around your brand

    Reorder your search results to amplify true, positive materials and de-emphasize attacks or misleading items

    At BitReputation, we began with a simple observation. In the real world, when you present your business, you have the freedom to choose the order of information you communicate. On the internet, search engine algorithm decide which order to display your information. You have no choice!

    This is why we created ReProtect™, an innovative offer enabling our customers to regain control on their online reputations.

    By trusting us to manage their online reputations, BitReputation assists its customers by building and protecting their internet images. They can choose which information to showcase on their search engine result page, and benefit from daily monitoring and assistance so that they no longer worry about their online reputation, but transform it to be a true asset for their brand and image.

    Control your Online Reputation with ReProtect™

    Each client is unique. The ReProtect™ is adapted to your needs

    Once the ReProtect™ is constructed, your company’s Google results will display the selected positive results. On a continual basis, the ReProtect™ will protect your online reputation over the long term and our monitoring tools will alert you if a new threat arises.

    In addition to a weekly report and daily monitoring of your company’s Google results, the Project Manager dedicated to your ReProtect™ is available to handle all of your needs. BitReputation is committed to protecting your online reputation for the long term.

    Private, executive services solving risks & threats to your brand's online reputation.

    Frequently asked questions

    Our aim is to completely and permanently remove any unwanted content from the site where it is published. However, certain factors such as the nature of the content or the publisher involved may make it impossible for us to do so. In such cases, we provide alternative reputation management strategies to hide or mitigate the impact of the offending content. Rest assured, we always prioritize our client’s best interests in our work.

    Although it’s theoretically possible to remove anything from the internet that’s been posted, it’s best to have us take a look first since there’s no cost or risk to you. Generally, we deal with requests for user-generated content such as reviews, blog/forum postings and harmful or unwanted images and videos.

    It can be challenging to remove certain content, particularly if the organizations controlling the publishing site refuse to take it down. For instance, news outlets may fiercely argue that their article is factual and should be protected under the notion of “free speech.” Moreover, government sites and official organizations usually leave content online unless it infringes upon local laws or is factually inaccurate and/or blatantly illegal. In general, removing content that is fair, accurate, honest, and provided by a real person without violating any applicable laws is typically more difficult, although still possible. Here at our platform, we are devoted to removing content that is unwarranted, inaccurate, dishonest, fake, illegal, or harassing towards your staff or business, and we are here to connect with you and assist you throughout the process.

    While some of us have experience with hacking, it’s irrelevant since our content removal process is entirely legitimate. The nature of the content and where it’s posted determine the full process. We don’t use “bribes” to remove content nor do we engage in any subterfuge. In most cases, we create and manage a robust removal application and liaise with publishers on a regular basis. By analyzing thousands of applications, we’ve learned which process works best for each kind of content. Multiple submissions and ongoing correspondence with the website publisher are often necessary for most removals.

    This process varies depending on the publication and nature of content. Typically, we can remove content within 24-48 hours, although more complex cases may require 14-21 days. Our average removal time is 2-3 days, and if we haven’t removed the content within 21 days, we will explore alternate solutions. We’ll also keep you informed throughout the process.
    In some urgent cases, we can offer expedited processing for removal within 48 hours.

    Our job can prove difficult when some website publishers ignore our future correspondence after initial removal attempts fail. However, we can usually have your content taken down, even if it was unsuccessful before. There is no risk in giving us a shot at it, even if you’re doubtful about the possibility. Plus, we don’t charge anything for unsuccessful removals.

    We always monitor your content’s status and keep you posted as soon as it’s removed. While it’s an uncommon occurrence, if it does re-appear for any reason, the original agreement still applies as we work to remove it again. However, please note that some websites may temporarily take down the content while evaluating whether to permanently remove it. At such times, we will keep you informed but these cases are not counted as “successful removal.”

    We will continue to keep you informed throughout the removal process, providing regular updates on progress and our confidence in achieving a successful outcome. If, after 60 days, content has not been removed, we will offer you up to 3 options:

    Firstly, if we are still optimistic about success, we will inform you of our strategy for further attempts and give you the option to extend the time window.

    Alternatively, if we determine that removal efforts are unlikely to succeed, we may suggest other strategies to help mitigate the damage. These options will always be optional and we will work with you closely to identify the best approach based on your needs.


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