Delighted with BitReputation

We were delighted with the exceptional responsiveness of BitReputation’s team during our campaign. Adam, Victoria, and the entire team consistently responded quickly and thoughtfully to our inquiries and concerns. Initially sceptical, we became thoroughly impressed clients who plan to come back for more business. I highly recommend BitReputation!


Everybody told me it couldn’t be done. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I am still in shock by what BitReputation has done for me. An abhorrent article against my business, online since 2014 on an extortion site, and it took BitRep team 3 days to get it removed. WOW

Never in doubt

I work at a PR agency where we primarily focus on positive marketing. When we needed negative content removed for one of our business clients desperately, we found BitReputation via reference, exchanged a few emails, and were impressed with their professional approach and swift results. They’re a no-nonsense team who knows their business! Kudos to… Continue reading Never in doubt

No one does Pro Bono like BitRep

I owe Bit Reputation immeasurably for successfully removing an unflattering news article from a local newspaper when I was 18. The negative article had significantly impacted both my personal and business life. Prior to hiring them, I had interviewed several firms who offered to just suppress the article and its picture, for an exorbitant fee.… Continue reading No one does Pro Bono like BitRep